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"Ahhh that's lovely, thank you!" I said, as I opened a new baby gift following the birth of my second child Clayton, back in August 2018. "I'll add that to the bag of 14 comforters that I've already got from when Millie was born," I remember giggling to myself...

If you're reading this as a mama, I'm sure you'll completely relate but if not, you're now just thinking wow, how ungrateful! Believe me when I say, that's the last thing I am.

Hello and welcome to The Tiny Human Hamper Co.

I'm Holly, full time tiny human mama

to Millie and Clayton.

I offer thoughtfully created, unique & useful hampers for babies, mama's to be & new parents.

The idea of The Tiny Human Hamper Co was born after I received lots of lovely gifts following the births of Millie and Clay but found that many of them never got used. Therefore items such as comforters, blankets and soft toys that are commonly found in baby hampers, will not be found in mine.

My Tiny Human Hampers are full of useful items that mum's and dad's will appreciate, use & love.

All my hampers are lovingly packaged by me, at my home in Hampshire & are made to order. They also double up as a gorgeous keepsake box for the new arrival too!

The items included are based on my mama experience so far & are things I couldn't have got through the first couple of years of motherhood without! The brands featured are mostly those that I have come to know and love. I either have used, or still use them to this day.

So if you're buying for yourself - trust me, you can't go wrong or if you're buying as a gift - trust me, the recipient will not be disappointed.

I guarantee there will be one happy mama (or dada), not to have received another comforter to add to their collection!

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