New Baby Gifts

My dream for The Tiny Human Hamper Co is to be the leader in bringing you practical new baby gifts in and around Hampshire and online. I offer newborn hampers to suit all budgets and I'm constantly evolving my range to bring you the latest and best baby products for babies and parents alike.

I'm delighted to announce that today (6th May 21) I have launched a brand new range of affordable baby hampers 'Tiny Human Emotions.' I chose this collection name because each hamper features an emotion that we would all want our babies to feel!

So far there is, 'Safe,' 'Content,' 'Happy,' 'Cosy' and 'Snug'. These affordable baby gifts start from just £30 so I'm delighted that I can now cater to all budgets.

When people think of baby hampers they often think of them as being luxurious, expensive products. My hampers are luxurious but they are most importantly practical for parents and incredible value for money. I hope you like them!

Affordable Baby Gifts